Sayang anak-anak mama, kakak & adik ini untuk kamu baca dewasa kelak..tiada apa yang mama ada untuk ditinggalkan ...hanya secebis kenangan buat bekalan ..buat papa...terima kasih diatas segala pengorbanan mu yang tidak terhingga...hanya Allah yang akan membalas semua jerih perihmu mengharungi hidup bersama kami....Terima kasih pada Allah atas pertemuan ini...Terima kasih untuk cinta yang teristimewa ini....Semoga cinta ini akan sekali lagi dipertemukan Di Jannahmu Ya Allah.
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Thursday, October 28, 2010

I did something quite nasty recently... by being blunt. I'm normally a tactful person. I mean well, trying to be respectful and all but at the same time, I feel so stressed out. So a couple of days ago I told myself enough is enough. No more being miss nice girl. I wrote everything on a piece of paper and told this person exactly what I felt. It was direct and to the point. I didn't care if that person hates me forever... but it sure felt good to finally tell someone off. I don't feel agitated anymore. I feel empowered! LOL!

For me, I would rather a person be honest with me (even though it hurts) rather than say nice things but say all kinds of nasty things behind my back. If we have issues with someone, we should face that with him/her.